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Expert Pest Control are your local and trusted pest control experts serving Sydney and beyond. Our services are available across an expansive area and so we are pleased to also provide pest control for most of the surrounding regions including North Sydney and the North Shore.

We have been proudly serving our clients for over thirty years, based on more than forty-five years’ experience in pest management. Our success comes from the personal attention we give each and every project, and the exceptionally diligent approach that we take. In short, we are dedicated to delivering effective treatments and satisfying all of our customers’ individual needs.

Finest Pest Control Services Sydney Wide

Our professional, high-standard services are ideal for domestic homes or business premises and we can provide pest control against all of the common pests types found in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

With an impressive and extensive track record of tackling other services such as highly effective bird deterrents and the Gutter Shield protection system – you can be sure that we have the knowledge and tools to help. However large or small your infestation we will perform the most appropriate and efficient pest control methods to suit your specific requirements throughout Sydney.

Even if you’re unsure what is causing you problems, there’s no need to worry. Our highly-trained pest control experts have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, enabling them to thoroughly investigate your circumstances and provide you with an effective solution for your building or home.

Family Run Pest Control North Sydney and North Shore

As a highly-experienced, family run, pest control company based in North Sydney, our work is both highly competent and discreet, covering a wide area which includes Northern Beaches, Inner West, The Northern Suburbs, The Hills, Wahroonga, and North Sydney.

Expert Pest Control are committed to providing free, no obligation quotations and rapid response.

If you need help with any type of pest problem, call us on 1300 363 339 or email us at and we will be more than happy to help.

Expert Pest Control Sydney

Termites are one of the biggest nightmares of any property owner because they are so potentially destructive to a home and the most difficult pests to fully eliminate.

Fleas are usually introduced to the house through your pets. Whilst they are not overly harmful, they can cause irritation of the skin and are a serious annoyance within the home.

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests found within residential properties.  They are harbingers of disease-inducing organisms such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and salmonella.

Spiders are widespread, amounting to over 35,000 species worldwide. Australia experiences some of the most deadly ones around, some of which can kill you.

Rodents are the carriers of multiple dangerous diseases. Alongside this, they cause great financial damage to properties through their continual gnawing.

Pest Control Sydney

Here at Expert Pest Control we provide exemplary pest control services Sydney property owners can rely on to tackle the multitude of infestation problems experienced within the region. The Sydney pest control services which we can administer are specifically tailored to suit a vast array of building types, including the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
We are well versed in the different methods of pest removal and prevention and through our wealth of experience we are capable of providing the solutions that ideally fit the issues being experienced. Residential and commercial pest control around Sydney is what we have delivered to happy customers for many years and we will investigate the problem and then discuss with you in detail the options available to you explaining to our clients in detail the services that can be chosen so that everything is done in accordance with the individual requirements of each property owner.
When seeking either residential or commercial pest control Sydney residents and property owners need to be given both an effective way of eliminating the issue and also adequate prevention methods to ensure that future infestations are mitigated. It is obviously of no benefit to customers to have an infestation dealt with only for it to return within a short period of time. Our way of working is to aid clients with both of these factors and as such we deliver a complete service leaving people satisfied that the work which has been undertaken will prove to be both a reassurance and a future investment.

Pest inspection Sydney

Our services begin with extensive pest inspections of the entire property and surrounding area. This thoroughness is key to everything we do and helps us to identify the root problems as well as allowing us to completely eliminate the infestation. We believe in treating the root cause rather than just the symptoms and are specialised in spotting both the tell-tale signs of pests as well as the hidden sources not easily noticed. Some pests can be almost impossible to trace but through our methods we will discover the heart of the infestation and tackle it appropriately. All options available to our customers will be presented in full and explained in detail to allow you to choose the ideal solutions to suit your property, budget, pest type and personal preferences.
We are fully insured, licenced and accredited and we utilise all of the specialist equipment and materials required to tailor our services to suit your needs. We are a family owned business and as such have worked with each other for a long period of time building up a friendly customer based service which always puts you first. We have an exceptional reputation due to our ability to make our customers happy with the results, as well as the way in which it is provided.
We use low-toxic or non-toxic treatments to ensure that the pest control Sydney customers receive will be safe for children and animals. Warranties are available whenever possible to grant you our guarantee of excellence. Quality and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and our list of testimonials are available to view to help demonstrate our commitment to every customer we work with.





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